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What We Test:
AMERICAN TESTING LABORATORY performs vibration testing services for electronic components and end use products for the defense, automotive, military, aerospace, commercial and government agencies.

Standards We Use:

Testing is confidential and can be conducted according to the client's requirements, or to Military standards such as 202, 331, 750, 810 and 883, as well as GSA, ASTM, ISTA, TAPPI, BIFMA, ANSI, private industry and government standards.

What We Use For Vibration Testing:
The Ling Electronics Model B335 Vibration Machine (shown at right) can subject test samples to vibrations of up to 18,000 force pounds on up to three axes.
The Truck Bed Simulator (shown below) closely mimics the movement of delivery vehicles, accurately measures stress on a package and its contents.

Truck bed simulator

  • Resonance, search, track and dwell
  • Sine swept
  • Sine on random
  • Random on random
  • Sine and random on random
  • Earthquake

Ling Electronics Model B335 Vibration Machine

Why Choose AMERICAN TESTING LABORATORY for Your Vibration Testing?
  • Staffed by professionals with over 40 years of testing expertise.
  • Completely confidential testing
  • Independent analysis by experts
  • Dependable test data
  • Timely results
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Degreed engineering staff


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